Home Grown Roofing and Contracting is a Highly Recommended Roofing Company That Has Been Colorado Local For Over 20 Yrs!


Home Grown Roofing and Contracting is a upcoming brand, but a company that has been around, insurance claims contracting and roofing in Colorado for over 20 years. We are fully licensed and insured, A Rated Members of the BBB, and proud to be a Colorado local roofing company. It seems that true care and quality has left the trades industries. That’s why we made it our mission to improve Colorado communities, doing what we do, showing care and commitment to those we serve. You can count on us to deliver you the best service product possible, customized to fit your needs, done right, and at a fair price.

Home Grown Roofing and Contracting has a strong dedication to industry standards of quality, proven construction processes, problem solving, scheduling, safety, and client relationships. Home Grown shall maintain healthy growth and continue to provide leading quality construction services to the Denver Metro Area and the entire Front Range. Our company places people above profits and has hands-on experience that you can trust.

Being there when you need us is our job and we will always follow through in making sure that we are the right company for you. Just like every industry, there’s levels to it. That said, Home Grown Roofing and Contracting is Colorado’s Highly Recommended Roofing Company and Top-Shelf Construction Contractor. Even More, We Are Colorado Family Owned, and Nothing Beats Home Grown! If you have any questions or projects, you would like us to look at please feel free to contact us.


Colorado Native – Family Owned and Operated

Fully Licensed and InsuredA Rated Members of the BBB

Insurance Claims Specialist – Flat Roof Specialist

Quality Work Completed with Honesty & Integrity

Complimentary Upgrades and Special Discounts

Power To The People Referral Program

10-15% Off Any Project Valued at $5000 or More!


Residential and Commercial Construction Services

Residential and Commercial Roofing Specialist

New Installations and Replacements

Emergency Tarp – Leak Repair – Other Emergency Services

Commercial Building Maintenance Programs

Complimentary Estimates – Roof Certifications

Done On Time and Within Budget

Home Grown Insurance Claims Specialist Process

First contact Home Grown Roofing and Contracting. We work with your availability to schedule a detailed inspection and digital assessment of the property. Our insurance claims specialist do an overview of the entire property, checking the roofing, gutters, paint, siding, windows, doors, fencing, drywall and other functional components (Ex: planters and grills), for severe wind, hail, and storm damage.

After the initial inspection, we provide you with pictures from our discovery, educate you on what we found, and provide professional recommendations for possible damages found to roofing, gutters, paint, siding, etc. If we feel there is enough damage to justify a claim, we may request that you contact your insurance company.

Now, it’s up to you to file the claim but we are available for filing assistance. With your authorization, we can even manage most of the claim the claim from start to finish. When filing the claim, the insurance will appoint you a claim number, assign their adjuster, and schedule a meeting with them. The adjuster will be there to perform their inspection, and prepare their estimate.

Once the claim  is filed, we gather the initial claim information and assign it to an insurance claims specialist. The only information we need from you is the day and time of the adjuster’s appointment and the claim number, so we can be there to work as your personal advocate. Then, we meet with the insurance adjuster to acknowledge all possible signs of damage, aligning our professional experience with theirs, reassuring all damages sustained are accounted for by the insurance estimate and proceeds.

Following up, we answer any questions you might have. Then we talk numbers, make a plan together, and schedule your project into production. Moreover, we are well versed in International Building Code requirements and can manage supplemental claims, possibly not included by the initial insurance estimate.

Supplemental Claims Explained:

Supplemental claims are an appeal to international code requirements. Consequently, they are not included in the original estimate and are later approved by your insurance. These claims serve to protect fair estimates, ensure proper restoration of damages, and the release of all necessary funds. In effect, these claims require a insurance claims specialist to evaluate, estimate, and submit all necessary documentation. For this reason, professional insurance claims contractors, and insurance claims adjusters complete estimates through a third-party estimating software called Xactimate.

Now everything is in black and white, our team of professionals provide complete project management. Installing new roofing, gutters, paint, siding, windows, doors, fencing, drywall, and other approved restoration services, for insurance proceeds only.

Finally, Home Grown Roofing and Contracting’s  team of insurance claims specialist complete all necessary professional documentation, registers all warrantied work, and makes sure you are 100 % satisfied!

Different Types of Roofs for Residential & Commercial Projects

Flat Roof Material Types

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Home Grown Roofing and Contracting's - POWER TO THE PEOPLE REFERRAL PROGRAM

Your Colorado Local Home Grown Roofing and Contracting Company is opening up the industry to the public! You may ask, “How?” Glad you asked. And the answer is, our POWER TO THE PEOPLE REFERRAL PROGRAM! If you’re asking, What’s that?” or, “How does it work?” HOME GROWN ROOFING AND CONTRACTING WILL PAY YOU 1O% OF THE NET PROFIT ON ANY REFERRAL THAT TURNS INTO A PROJECT!  In other words, for every $1,000 we make, YOU MAKE $100! All while still providing fair estimates to customers through the use of a third party software called Xactimate. This is a PAID software which breaks each bid item into separate components, prices each unit based on recent surveys of Fair Market Value, and is area specific! Xactimate is respected by the contracting industry nationwide and is even used by most insurance companies!

This is how we have chosen to give back to individuals, families, and other important communities all around us. It’s truly a “Win-Win” for US all. We have a signed contract, OUR customers get taken care of, we get to do what we do, and you get to just be YOU! Maybe with just a little bit more money in your pocket!? Rest easy, because once your referral converts to a project, we perform all of the necessary work outlined in our contract, and when the job is complete, then… WE PAY YOU! 

Just in case you haven’t got it yet, we’ll explain one last time. Say a project that you refer us contracts at an amount of $10,000. We do all the work converting the lead into a project, putting it into production, and managing it to completion. The Net Profit is what’s left after we deduct all labor, materials, permit, and running cost. So if a $10,000 job profits 15% the Net Profit is $1,500. Then YOUR 10% Share of the Net Profit is $150!  The same way we would pay a seasoned professional, Roofing Salesperson, or Project Manager, just at a lower percentage for us working on your behalf! Who couldn’t use an extra $150??  You can count on us to bring quality professionals in front of your referrals, give fair evaluations/estimates, and deliver Highly Recommend Project Management Services to ALL! So, “why wait? CONTACT US TODAY!

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