About Home Grown Roofing and Contracting


About Home Grown Roofing & Contracting

Home Grown Roofing and Contracting is Owned by Adrian (right) and Karen Oliver (middle). They are former owners of Five Sons Roofing and Faith Roofing Inc. that decided to start a new contracting business as partners. This mother and son team are both Colorado Natives and take pride in the place they call home. Adrian has been raised in the roofing and contracting industry, doing all kinds of roofing work at his mom and dad’s side ever since he was a kid. Karen, Adrian’s Mom has been in the business in Colorado almost as long as he’s been alive (26 yrs). Adrian’s parents have worked hard to raise a decent young man, and he wants to show that to the world. Also, Adrian hopes to build a legacy in the roofing and contracting industry so that his son, Jeremiah, will be able to grow up following his Dad’s better footsteps. Adrian and Karen hope to grow inside, and beyond, the contracting industry by training qualified individuals to take part in the industry as a part of their Home Grown Family Business. This company is a seed given to this family by God, and we want to use it to plant beautiful communities all around us, starting at home. That’s why we treat people, families, and businesses just how we would want to be treated. Loving our neighbors as ourselves.

At Home Grown Roofing and Contracting WE SEE PEOPLE AS PEOPLE, AND NOT STATISTICS. We specialize in both residential and commercial, roofing repairs, and replacements. However, we are ready and able to service all of your interior and exterior contractor needs. With over 4,000 roofing companies in Colorado alone, roofing and contracting services are available but character is irreplaceable. Our reputation is always first through the quality of service. For this reason, we pledge our care and commitment to every customer; working to be Colorado’s Highly Recommended Roofing and Construction Contractor. Nothing Beats Home Grown!



To restore and preserve Colorado, a place we love to call home, through the roofing and contracting industry.


Beautiful and restored communities all across Colorado, through Home Grown’s care and commitment. Nothing Beats Home Grown!



Our team works to show ourselves approved, and to genuinely love our neighbors as ourselves. We do so by giving special attention to individual needs, embracing unique circumstances, offering viable solutions, and working to bring value into every interaction. Even more, we keep open and honest lines of communication with seasoned proffessionals that our customers can count on. We believe that showing true CARE is one of our most important jobs.


Not only do we strive to deliver the best quality of service product, but we also want to deliver the best quality of service experience. Quality  starts with respect and courtesy, is complimented by true professionalism, does thorough inspections, provides honest evaluations, offers the best solutions, meets individual needs, customizes service products, and sees each project through with care and commitment to completion. We believe that QUALITY needs to stay part of the contracting industry.

As trusted professionals, overcoming obstacles and offering solutions is what we do. We are here to deliver the personalized care and professional project management our customers deserve. All of our work is to be done on time, with quality, and within budget. We believe that a strong COMMITMENT to quality of service is the only way.

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