Home Grown Roofing and Contracting offers high-quality commercial roofing services at competitive pricing. Our company has the experience you can trust, commercial roof contracting in Colorado for over 20 years. From repairs to replacements, we offer the most effective solutions to repair and replace all types of commercial roofs, according to the best industry practices. Home Grown will work persistently to save you time and money, and will do our part to ensure you have the best customer service experience possible. You can count on us to meet all of your individual needs with care, quality, and efficiency. Your commercial property and its contents are important, so is the roof that protects it. Don’t let a small commercial roofing problem become more costly by being unaddressed. Now is the time to take care of your commercial roof needs by hiring a commercial roofing contractor that has your best interest in mind. Home Grown Roofing and Contracting is a commercial roof expert that is here for you whenever you need us!


Successful businesses are ones that plan, your commercial roof inspection should be a part of that. So, if you want the roof over your commercial property to have up to DOUBLE THE ROOF LIFE, of a roof that is not inspected regularly, have it inspected TWICE ANNUALLY.


We recommend that you schedule your roof inspections once in late fall to prepare for winter, and once in early spring to repair possible damages caused by winter. Additional roof inspections are also recommended after all major weather events. Here are some things to think about when considering our commercial roofing services.


Interior signs of possible roof damages are water stains, leaks, drips,falling ceiling tiles or drywall, peeling paint, mold, and mildew are evidence of a potential leak in that area of your roof.


For your safety and reassurance please contact Home Grown Roofing and Contracting.


Being a smart planner, you may ask yourself, “what steps should I take?”. Preliminary actions for a commercial roof inspection include identifying major areas of concern, taking note of possible leaks and prioritizing major areas of concern. This helps us make the most of your time during your scheduled commercial roof inspection. Consider preparing a sketch of the building and taking down notes of possible leaks and areas of concern. You may also want to have overhanging tree branches eliminated and debris cleaned up from around your commercial roof to keep our professionals busy being roofers.

Our commercial roofing professionals will inspect for…

  • Drains that are clogged, backed up water, failing seals and deterioration
  • Standing water and structural issues
  • Flashings that are failing around vents, skylights, and equipment
  • Flashings for a good seal, no cracks, gaps, or holes
  • Pipes that are sagging, cracks in pipe boots, and missing sealant
  • Equipment supports tearing roof membrane
  • Expansion Joints for splits, gaps, cuts, and tears
  • Loose parts and missing elements
  • Properly placed and fully functional walkways

Inspecting various roof types for…

Single Ply Membrane Systems

  • Tears, holes, and penetrations
  • Failing seams and flashings

Modified Bitumen

  • Bruises, scars, and penetrations
  • Failing seams and flashings

Tar and Gravel (BUR)

  • Gravel that is not uniform and bare spots
  • Bubbles and deep cracks

Metal Roofs

  • Corrosion and loose or damaged panels
  • Loose or missing screws
  • Gaps or Damage to Seams


  • Satisfactory coating thickness, blisters, and cracks

Commercial Roof Repair Process

Inspection– We do a walk through of the inside of the building to identify all the problem areas and inspect the possible roof problems from the outside of the building. This helps us to point out damages from a trained eye.
Evaluation– We will provide a complete overview of damages found and offer a variety of options to repair. Even more, if there is damage supporting an insurance claim, we will also inform you of that option and provide an estimate
Repair-  We will perform all approved repairs with efficiency, being effective, with Top-Shelf quality craftsmanship,. Even more, we document all work performed, so you know what you are paying for and have it for your records. This way you can rest easy, and you keep doing what you do. After all, your business needs you take care of it.
It’s time to focus on your business, get commercial roof repairs off of your to-do list!


Commercial Roof Replacement Process

Our team of commercial roof replacement service professionals will perform a complete safety inspection, and prepare a detailed plan to install your new roof. For your benefit, we have created a “Notice to the Property Owner” document. Preliminary documents like this help us better serve you; with everyone having the extra installation information up front. Even more, dust and debris is likely to make its way into the building so, we recommend you move or cover any important items. Our mission is to keep from interrupting you as much as possible. If possible, you may also want to temporarily relocate any employees that might be disrupted by the noises and vibrations. Last, please let us know of any parking or building restrictions.

Home Grown will provide a permit for all commercial roof replacements. We will also notify you of the scheduled material delivery. Standard delivery is 2-3 days before the scheduled installation, often loaded on the roof, and kept on the property. There are circumstances where the material is not able to be loaded on the roof and we will have to placed it on the ground. Our crews may also need to place a dumpster for the waste 1-2 Days in advance.

Here comes the best part, YOUR NEW ROOF! You can expect our team to show up at the scheduled time, usually early in the morning, to begin commercial roof replacement services process. Please have a contact person for the commercial property. Its not necessary that the contact person be on site, its only necessary we be able to get a hold of them. However, it’s important to have a contact person on site at all times for occupied buildings. Our team wants to keep from interrupting your day-day operations as much as possible.

Our commercial roof replacement professionals will contain trash as much as possible during construction process. However, we want to leave your property looking as good as it was before! We will make sure to run a magnet around the entire property and do a thorough clean up. We want you to be able to enjoy your new roof, and not have to deal with the aftermath of a construction site. At Home Grown we make it our job to be sure that the whole project is completed with quality from start to finish!

Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new roof. Pat yourself on the back for improving your commercial property, and protecting your investment. You’ll be so happy to have your commercial roof replacement taken care by our team of top-shelf commercial roof replacement service professionals. We have it all figured out, so you don’t have to, and… NOTHING BEATS HOME GROWN!
Please contact us for a complimentary inspection and estimate TODAY!
Our Commercial Roof Replacement Experts look forward to speaking with YOU.

Commercial Roof Replacement Services

Are you in need of commercial roof replacement services? Stress, time, and money are the three main factors that seem to prevent people from having their commercial roof replaced. For anybody that is not familiar with the whole process, it can be time consuming and even overwhelming. However, we know all about commercial roofs and how to replace them. Plus our experts have what it takes to gather and submit evidence of any storm damage. If there is enough to justify a total loss insurance claim, it will save you a lot of money!
First, our team removes stress from the equation by providing start to finish project management services. Second, our proven construction processes will make the most of your time, by our roofers working more efficiently and effectively. Third, our commercial roof specialist can offer a variety of material options that can save you money upfront, add instant value to your investment, and even save you money over time. Go for Home Grown’s care and commitment and try our commercial roof replacement services TODAY!

 We are your Colorado Local, Top-Shelf, Commercial Roofing Contractor looking for more 100% satisfied customers, so why wait? Make sure to ask about our special discounts, complimentary upgrades, and price lock guarantees. Fill out a contact form at your convenience, and we will be here when you need us.

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